David Allen

Kent County Council candidate May 6th 2021 Tonbridge Division

Living in Tonbridge for 50 years, David has been active in sports and politics for a while. Widowed in 2016 after 47 years of marriage he has two sons, five grandchildren and one great grandson.

After a long career with British Gas, he ran his own IT company for 9 years, then trained and worked as a therapist for 8 years. He wrote the successful self help book ‘The Sophisticated Alcoholic’ in 2011. (published by O-Books).

Passionate about extending democracy and giving local people more of a say, he says he is standing in this election to give people a much needed choice. Let’s see if, together, we can get him elected.

David Allen
Colin Hussey

Colin hussey

Kent County Council candidate May 6th 2021 Tonbridge District

Colin has lived in Tonbridge for 59 years, a former Police Constable, serving in the Metropolitan police from the age of 19 he has a great deal of first hand, active policing, experience.

Nowadays, when not campaigning, he volunteers his services, The National Trust being one of the beneficiaries.

Passionate about extending the say and influence of local people, when it appears to be moving very quickly in the other direction, the progression to Independent is quite a natural one. We are not, naturally, a left/right divide as most of us want the same things, but the polarisation of party politics tends to leave the electorate out of the equation.

Although David and Colin are each independent candidates they are working together for better outcomes, and that’s something political parties find impossible to achieve.