Tonbridge Independents is a new association of people who are disenchanted with the highly polarised political establishment and feel that local issues are often played down by party politicians who are overly keen to do as they are told and not what the locality needs.

We are not a political party, but an association. On the ballot paper, you will see two names for the two available County Council seats in the Tonbridge Division of the Kent County Council. David Allen and Colin Hussey. If you agree that we need better representation then use your two votes to begin the process.

We think local government would benefit from having many more independent councillors and the association intends to help those who would wish to support their community by standing in the Borough Council Elections in 2023. We can do better local government, with better candidates and the importance of independence.


David Allen
Colin Hussey

The campaign well underway

Tonbridge independents chatting with residents                                                                                                                                                  1st April